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Diane’s New Book

Diane Benscoter grew up in the heartland of America, in a small Nebraska town with a loving family.  At 17, motivated by her idealism  and inspired by the lyrics of her favorite songs, she went in search of a way to end war.  She soon found easy answers to life’s hard questions in the form of a religious cult, commonly known as the Moonies. 

Benscoter tells a gripping story of her life in the cult, how her desperate family had her deprogrammed, how she then got involved in the underground world of deprogramming, while still recovering from her experience, and ultimately about her arrest for kidnapping.  The story is at times humorous and at other times heartbreaking.

Shoes of a Servant provides insight into mental manipulation and human vulnerability to extremism.  It challenges us to find ways to prevent dangerous memes from infecting those most at risk of falling prey to carefully packaged lies.

Book Release

Shoes of a Servant:My Unconditional Devotion to a Lie by Diane Benscoter


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